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Multiplex and Multimodal Imaging of RNA and Protein

MUSE nanotech™ for enhanced biomolecule detection and imaging

Real simultaneous multiplex 

High signal amplification

No specialised equipment required

Easy to use

Multimodal (e.g. fluorescence and IMC)







"We were facing a roadblock caused by target degradation problems while trying to detect two transcripts sequentially with riboprobes and Tyramide Signal Amplification. Switching to arcoris bio’s MUSE nanotechnology allowed us to successfully quantify both targets simply and rapidly thanks to its multiplexed signal amplification and allowed us to conclude our work."

Prof. Maria C. Gambetta

University of Lausanne


"We needed a solution for sensitive multiplex RNA FISH for a study on

human pancreas FFPE sections. Having previously faced complications with other commercial products, we turned to arcoris bio’s MUSE nanotechnology. With arcoris bio’s efficient assistance and reagents, we rapidly obtained results that matched our expectations and allowed us to finalize our study by complementing our RNAseq data.”

Prof. Pedro Herrera

University of Geneva

Flow Cytometry

"We were hoping to employ three mouse monoclonal antibodies simultaneously for sorting experiments – an impossible task with secondary antibodies. With arcoris bio’s assistance and MUSE nanotechnology, we rapidly established custom protocols and reagents and obtained clear multiplex sorting results that raised interest among other users of our University’s FACS facility."

Prof. Maria C. Gambetta

University of Lausanne

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