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arcoris nanotechnology: unmatched flexibility and ease of use

Minimum footprint

MUSE activators and amplifiers occupy 5nm



Same chemistry for FISH and IF facilitates multi-omic approaches.

Real Multiplex

Simultaneous 5-plex. No need for repetetive staining or TSA cycles.

High Gain

Good for smFISH on FFPE Multiplex IF

Cost effective

No specialised equipment required. 


1-2 day protocols for 5-plex results


Effortlessly combine and exchange labels depending on your needs. Example, fluorescence and mass cytometry.

Easy to deploy

Minimal footprint and maximum gain with no specialised equipment required and standard protocols enable rapid deployment to new or custom assays.

Comparison to alternatives

TSA has to be repeated n-times for n-plex resulting in long protocols and sample degradation.

bDNA approaches require care due to the very long amplifiers.

smFISH is limited by the requirement for many probes.

It is not possible to freely combine primary antibodies when using secondaries.

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